“It’s like, when you’re really young, and you hear a song that you love but you don’t know what it is, and the sound is really specific. You spend the rest of your life seeking it out, trying to recapture that moment and, through the process, creating styles and interpretations revolving around that idea.”
–Maggie Lee

My intuition tells me the intimate and important things.  It bridges the gap between between instinct and reason, between the conscious and unconscious mind. This intuition brings me to new subjects en encounters.







I want to let go of ‘art as an object’. I am searching for a feeling and experience. I found it within registration and documentation, the act of filming. I want to show and express Themes like shame, freedom and fate within the construction of a film. Reality and the cycle of life are my most important starting points. I don’t want to force an idea upon the viewer, I simple want to show my view and perception of the world.

Video technical aspects are of importance to me as well as timing and composition. Capturing the right moment. I have an affinity with film because of its directness. It is intimate and vulnerable. I’m not searching for aesthetic beauty, but for a beauty in the reality and realness of my subjects and the moment that I capture. I enjoy the immortalization of a moment when pressing the record button. I would like to hold on to the people around me, moments and myself.

I work very intuitively and this intuition brings me to new subjects. I start from my own inner world and experiences. From this I start a search in my direct environment for a re-experience. It’s a confrontation between me and the outside world, this I document with my camera. I put myself in new environments and situations. Only after starting this process do I discover what the work is about.

My style of filming is naïve. It’s unprejudiced, simple, straightforward and open. I don’t have a plan and enjoy an adventurous and surprising approach. Montage is the key in my working process. Here I find my freedom.